Considering stretch marks very rarely cause any physical pain it’s often quite surprising how big a deal they are but anyone who has ever suffered on them knows the impact they can have on your daily life and your confidence.

Stretch marks are the unwanted result of your skin expanding so quickly that it results in cell distress. This may come from intense workout regimens, youth growth spurts, pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

The collagen in the skin’s underlayers is broken down and the skin loses some of its elasticity. The blood vessels in the skin are damaged and the blood/deep tissue become visible at the surface. This is what we call stretch marks, or striae.

Stretch marks generally cause no health issues other than the unflattering aesthetics felt by the individual. They can occur quickly and without warning, especially for those with an unhealthy lifestyle and less than healthy skin.

Once you have stretch marks you can think about nothing else other than getting rid of them. There are a number of treatments available for stretch marks. These vary all the way from at home oils to laser treatment but unfortunately some are particularly ineffective.

There are however a few more reliable treatments, one of which is Trilastin-SR.

Why Would You Use TriLastin-SR?

This is actually one of the best known brands for dealing with skin care and stretch marks. As a company they’ve shown that they understand the issues facing everyday people and have created their product line to reflect their needs.

Their stretch mark cream has been designed by industry experts and contains antioxidants, peptides, and proteins. Each of these are essential for your skin to maintain, repair and protect itself from the strains of growth. Proteins help encourage your skin cells to repair themselves, this can lead to the reduction of stretch marks as layers of new skin grow on top.

TriLastin-SR’s formula is one of the fastest acting out there. Most topical treatments, even if effective can take up to 3 months to see any noticeable results. This stretch mark cream has been tested and It can take less than 3 weeks to see a positive change.

The reviews are certainly encouraging. Thousands of users seem to have a positive experience using the product and are impressed with the results. As a stretch mark cream, it is certainly not the cheapest solution by any means, but it’s being shown to be effective. Plus it can be used on sensitive skin. This, combined with how fast acting it is, makes it one of the best stretch mark creams available on the market.

No miracle treatment has yet been developed to deal with stretch marks and there is no real cure. TriLastin’s cream is certainly one of the best topical treatments around with the exclusive formula offering some fast results to help you with your stretch marks.

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