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AHBAI is an internationally renowned trade association representing the world’s leading Black owned companies that manufacture ethnic hair care and beauty related products featuring the Proud Lady Symbol.

AHBAI members serve Black America by providing jobs and scholarships and by teaching consumers how to recycle their dollars in the Black community.

The role of the doula in postpartum

Doula to pregnant woman

Functions of a doula – and postpartum

Among the tasks of a doula, the most important is to provide support to the mother.

We have to be clear that a doula is NOT a health worker, but an experienced woman who should support the mother.

What is a doula?

A doula is a person experienced in birth support who provides continuous support, information and emotional and physical support to pregnant women, before, during and right after delivery. The doulas assist women who give birth in hospitals, in delivery houses, and in their homes.

The first mission of the doula is to inform pregnant women and their families positively about the experience of motherhood and childbirth. The foundation of doula care is based on the knowledge that continuous emotional support and trust during the birth process improve and facilitate all stages of motherhood to a large extent.

Labor or Postpartum Doula? Click here for more information

The important thing about a doula is not, then, what she knows, but who she is, her personality because this is what most influences to help the woman who is in labor.

Tasks performed by a doula after childbirth:

  • After the birth of the baby
  • Help through postpartum procedures
  • Facilitates the early establishment of breastfeeding
  • Maintains contact by phone for any questions
  • Collaborate in the care of the house and other brothers to reassure the new mother and free her of burdens

Accompaniment to women during the early puerperium, the doula after childbirth, besides offering you company, helps and advises you about the tasks of the newborn and other small children.

They are visits to your house of 3 hours where you can talk (process) your experience of childbirth, answer questions about breastfeeding or newborn care, rest if you wish, or just enjoy the company of another woman / mother who understands what you are going through, that does not judge you and contains you.

The doula provides emotional care and practical assistance to the woman and her family before, during and after the birth. It can offer information, advice, and support, but is not qualified to perform any clinical tasks. However, you can have extensive knowledge about massage, reflexology, homeopathy, and breastfeeding. It is the person chosen by the woman and the couple to protect them in their experience of the birth and assist them in their transition towards motherhood and fatherhood. Her work comes from the task traditionally performed by other women in the family or the neighborhood (as is done in many cultures still). The doula is also the person who protects the woman so that her wishes are respected, facilitating communication between her and the midwives and doctors.

Will the displaced father feel in the presence of a doula?

Not much less. Usually, prospective parents receive this experienced woman with open arms. The doula does not displace the couple at birth; instead it takes away the pressure of having to take care of her (and her environment, that is other children, house, rest of the family, etc.) so that he can do what he wants. which does better: love her.

Best Dark Spot Correctors for Dark Skin

Best Dark Spot Correctors for Dark Skin

We’re all reliant on our makeup and skin care kit more than we’d ever admit. In fact it’s an essential part of our daily routine. We all own hundreds of products and let’s face it, we all want thousands more. Finding the best and most effective makeup does take time, but is always worth the effort.

Every year the beauty industry is growing. There are thousands of companies making millions of products and we’re reliant on advertising and reviews to let us know what’s good. Unfortunately for those with dark skin it’s a lot more challenging to find the right products.

African Americans and those with darker skin aren’t always well represented in the beauty market. A lot of the what most people consider the best products around actually don’t do much for those with dark skin. One of the most important products out there for an even skin tone is a dark spot corrector, and until now it hasn’t always been easy to find one for those with a darker skin tone.

Dark Spot Correctors

Before and After dark spot correctingA dark spot corrector are used to give a more even skin tone. They specifically target any darker patches of skin and use a lightening agent to make them match the rest of your skin. What’s normally a very effective piece of kit for those with lighter skin tone doesn’t work as well for those with dark skin.

These treatments are less effective for those with dark skin because it’s harder to identify the specific pigmentation that you’re trying to lighten. This is because the pigment of the skin is already dark.

Thankfully some companies have recognised this gap in the market and acted accordingly. They’ve created lightening agents which can be used as a cream and lighten specific areas of the skin. They do this by restricting the production of melanin in these areas, stopping the changes in the skin pigment.

These specialist products have been proven to scars, age spots, dark areas and blemishes in those with darker skin, without any side effects or irritation.

Unfortunately even those these products are still effective for those with darker skin, it can take a while for you to see the changes so even with specialist products allow 3 to 4 weeks for any dark spots to be reduced.

Check out our full list of dark spot correctors

Skin Review Blogs Online

Skin Review Blogs Online

Like it or not we live in the modern era. The era of selfies, social media and mobile data where everything becomes public information the second we share it. It’s an amazing time to be alive for sure but we’re also on show a lot more than ever before.

Half viewed face with acneAlmost every single phone now has an incredible camera. That means millions of pictures being taken every day and uploaded, simply put we’re all constantly on show. In this exposed world we always want to look our best and not be caught off guard.

Looking as good as we can starts with our skin. It’s often the first thing people notice about us and can leave a lasting impression. Plus when we look in the mirror we’re always reminded of the imperfections. We all want to look flawless like our favourite celebrities and have completely blemish free, even skin tone.

Of course there are a lot of makeup products which can cover up these marks but really we want to get to the source and solve the issue, not hide it. The beauty industry is absolutely huge with billions in sales every year. There are a number of big and small companies that have seen this demand and there are now thousands of different products all offering the same solutions.


Skin Care Blogs

With such a crowded market place it’s often difficult to know which products are effective and which aren’t. These skin care brands can be fairly expensive too, so you might end up out of pocket for a worthless item. We also have to consider the health implications of poorly made products, after all we’re applying them directly to our skin- the first line of defence for our body.

This is where skin care blogs come in. Blogging has been used for over a decade now as a way of spreading and ingesting useful information. In the beauty and skincare world it’s invaluable because it cuts out a lot of the leg work. In fact there are skin care blogs which have reviewed so many products that they know exactly what you need to get.

Of course some blogs aren’t as good as others, but if you can find the right one they’re a time saver and are the first step to getting healthier, better looking skin.


The Derm Report

The Derm Report is a dedicated beauty industry blog that covers everything to do with skincare and other products. They have information on all the big brands, but even some of the smaller contenders you might not have heard of. The Derm Report doesn’t just skim the surface either. You’ll find detailed product information, reviews and other useful bits of knowledge that is helpful for finding the best products.

The goal of The Derm Report is to help everyone find the product that fits their needs. So if you’re looking for any kind of cream, face wash or treatment then you should definitely check out The Derm Report

Trilastin-SR: How Fast Does It Work?

Considering stretch marks very rarely cause any physical pain it’s often quite surprising how big a deal they are but anyone who has ever suffered on them knows the impact they can have on your daily life and your confidence.

Stretch marks are the unwanted result of your skin stretching to cope with stress. The stretching is doing to compensate for unprecedented growth which can come from growth spurts, pregnancy or rapid weight gain. The collagen in the skin is broken down and the skin loses some of it’s elasticity. The blood vessels in the skin are damaged and become prominent. This is what we call stretch marks, or striae.

Stretch marks generally have no health issues other than on the aesthetics of the individual. They can occur quickly and without warning, especially for those with an unhealthy lifestyle and less than healthy skin.

Once you have stretch marks you can think about nothing else other than getting rid of them. There are a number of treatments available for stretch marks. These vary all the way from at home oils to laser treatment but unfortunately some are particularly ineffective.

There are however a few more reliable treatments, one of which is Trilastin-SR.

Why Use TriLastin-SR

This is actually one of the best known brands for dealing with skin care and stretch marks. As a company they’ve shown that they understand the issues facing everyday people and have created their product line to reflect their needs.

Their stretch mark cream has been designed by industry experts and contains antioxidants, peptides, and proteins. Each of these are essential for your skin to maintain, repair and protect itself from the strains of growth. Proteins help encourage your skin cells to repair themselves, this can lead to the reduction of stretch marks as layers of new skin grow on top.

TriLastin-SR’s formula is one of the fastest acting out there. Most topical treatments, even if effective can take up to 3 months to see any noticeable results. This stretch mark cream has been tested and It can take less than 3 weeks to see a positive change.

The reviews are certainly encouraging. Thousands of users seem to have a positive experience using the product and are impressed with the results. As a stretch mark cream, it is certainly not the cheapest solution by any means, but it’s being shown to be effective. Plus it can be used on sensitive skin. This, combined with how fast acting it is, makes it one of the best stretch mark creams available on the market.

No miracle treatment has yet been developed to deal with stretch marks and there is no real cure. TriLastin’s cream is certainly one of the best topical treatments around with the exclusive formula offering some fast results to help you with your stretch marks.

Find out more about the Trilastin-SR Miracle Cream




Beauty Lies at the Heart of Our Worth

Beauty is so often misunderstood. Far too many men believe that women pursue it out of vanity – but that’s rarely the case.

the healthy woman feels complete inside, as companion, as mother, Child of God.  Then beauty is just a physical manifestation of those strengths.  We feel good and we crave to look good too!

in fact, they reinforce each other.  What woman is not looking better when she feels full?  And what woman does not feel better when she is looking her best?

beauty products are merely the tools that we use to color our canvas!

We tell our story on that canvas and, yes, we obscure those parts of our story that we feel must remain untold.  No woman wants dark spots to distract the eye!  We want radiance that matches our internal and Eternal worth to be on display.